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Hi all,

Due to recent trouble, I decided to turn all past public entries friends only. It's very likely that I may do that again in the relatively distant future; however, I don't intend to ever turn them private or delete them. Memories are memories.

As a few of you noticed I became quite an active Twitter user - also with a friends-only account. Feel free to follow me there. Twitter's restriciton of 140 characters, as odd as it sounds, gave me freedom to not have to overthink what I publish. I just do whatever I can do on the 140 I'm entitled to, and that's ok. Life goes on.

The one best think I like about Twitter is the ability to share links. They say the Internet turned the world into a small town, but only after that Twitter thing I found that to be true. So there's a lot of links that I receive and pass forth; often giving quick ≤140 opinions about them. It turns out that sometimes 140 feels too tight to express what I want to express and multiple "pages" is cheating. So I guess proper blogging comes back to a necessity.

I will not be back to posting to LJ as actively as I did. I will now use it as a tool to elaborate on things that don't fit a tweet. This will mean that for you that choose to keep following me on LJ only, you'll get the créme of my thoughts. :) They will also tend to be a lot more impersonal too; you know, Google is watching.

Reading my own friends list? I try, friends, I try. But I have systematically failed. I haven't given up yet though!

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Good luck tweeting, you bird recruit.. ;>

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